Hardware, firmware and software are developed in ORCAD and PCAD environment, with the use of emulators for the main families of micro processors and micro controllers 8-16-32 bits (Hitachi, Motorola, National, Toshiba, SGS, etc.) and in compliance with compulsory product standards.
Many years of experience of our technical staff, together with the continuous management of all the feedback information from our Clients and other in-house divisions (Production, Purchase dept., Quality control, etc.), enable us to offer a global approach in the design of electronic equipment.
In time this has offered many benefits to our Clients, not only in terms of reduction in the purchase price of the electronic board, but above all in terms of:

effects on the finished product (i.e. efficiency, reliability, miniaturisation, fewer versions, etc.)
productive flexibility and reduction in the provisioning times (related to the use of more standard components)
reduction in the overall costs of the product (costs of the components, assembly costs of the product, management of the product range, etc.)

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