Our job is to simplify yours.

Within the SIPE world, every processor, every board, every sensor is the result of productive activities and technical knowledge which are the real treasure of the company: hardware, firmware and software design, SMT and PTH assembling through specialized lines, functional and parametric testing supported by PCs, various types of manual assembling, in-process and final controlling and checking to guarantee total quality.
Everyday we do our best to create a small technology that gives life to a better tomorrow, taking care of every aspect of our working activity down to the tiniest details:

• careful evaluation of the requirements and variations of the market
• extreme care in the design (choice of components and constructional methods)
• experiments and lab tests (testing of product reliability)
• constant monitoring of independent suppliers (evaluation of the quality level of the supplies)
• control of the quality of in-coming material (using specific equipment)
• control of the process along the critical production phases
• final tests carried out according to detailed instructions
• suitable packing of the finished product.

This mission expresses the fundamental values at which SIPE constantly aims:

• never ending research in order to innovate the product, the service and the relationship with the Client, with full customer satisfaction in mind
• pinpointing of markets which are suitable for SIPE future commercial developments
• safety, energy saving and economy as the expression of full social responsibility
• motivated involvement of each “actor” inside and outside the company

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